Reach your target audience using the right content developed by our tech.
Kintegra increases your engagement your engagements in multiple ways by;

Efficient utilization of both Mobile and desktop

The control of your content right in your fingertips, our advanced adaption to technological advances helps one to efficiently oversee and control content from just about any geographical location as it can easily be accessed by use of your mobile phone or desktop.

Target audience behavioral patterns and interest

Our tech identifies the target market related to your brand, this includes their behavioral patterns and interest. To effectively reach this audience the use of their interest, common and repetitive behavioral patterns come in handy to get your content across this audience.

Creative remarketing of site

Creative and dynamic way of marketing your brand is effectively executed irrespective of your brand having a history of being marketed. Our marketing is unique and gives your site the rebranding it requires.

Campaign optimization across all platforms

Your campaign will go viral across all platforms as an efficient marketing strategy to gain popularity and familiarity for the brand among target audience

Extensive A/B testing for Ad copies and sets

All Ad copies and sets are extensively tested before any conclusive action is taken

Lead Generation

Smart technology marketing. Kintegra boosts lead generation by:

Retargeting with dynamic Ads

Persuasive advertising that aims to retarget their audience, to achieve this requires rebranding.

CRM integration for efficient follow ups

An integration system that efficiently does a follow up on executed marketing strategies

Real time Ad optimization capabilities

Capabilities to effectively execute real time advertising

Advanced scheduling and auto-tagging

The use of Google Ad words and Google analytics to create auto tagging

Performance based digital advertising

The internet has taken advertising to another level, thus any brand that doesn’t take advantage of such will be faced with great difficulty and their target audience will also be faced with grave difficulty when it comes to identifying themselves with the brand Digital advertising that will reach your target audience and potential audience. Performance based advertising is very persuasive and an effective way to advertise their brand.


Strategical and technological execution to achieve goals. Kintegra scales up conversion by:

Event objective attainment with Ad optimization

The process of improving the advertising text performance on search engines to achieve the primary objectives of the advertisement.

Advanced budget optimization

You can easily set up a budget for your campaign that can be optimized and distributed to different platforms on Adverts sets.

Lost leads retargeting

Kintegra enables you use retargeting as a technique to attain any lost leads. This is an effective way to manage any apparent lost leads.

Customize creative Ads

Adverts can easily be creatively customized in accordance with the brands preference.

User experience tracking

Every brand should provide the best user experience, and this is important for the brand to be aware of what the user thinks thus you can know what the user’s thoughts are by monitoring this.

Tracking and analysis of drop offs

Attracting your target audience can really be an easy task but keeping your audience interested in your site can really be a daunting task. It is important to attract and keep your audience on your site, Bot enables you to track and analyze visitors who have dropped out of your site and solutions are suggested


Collection, analyzing and use of data. Kintegra use of advanced analytics by;

User flow tracking & change suggestion

Monitors the customers navigation across a websites community and may suggest a change to influence a customer’s navigation

Multi-channel attribution

Revenue and credit sales has been assigned for a set of rules to a touch point on the customers journey.

Page landing analysis

The data insight tools that enables you to find your landing pages on google Adwords

End-to-end data analysis

Data can easily be analyzed from the beginning to the end of the campaign

Collection of data

Bot enables the collection of data across different platforms


Persuade target and potential audience they need your brand Kintegra results in increased revenue with smart retargeting by:

Cross-channel promotion

Promotion of the brand across all platforms

Tracking of incoming traffic

It helps monitor any incoming and outgoing traffic

Audience analysis

The assessing of the audience information received, it is of an appropriate level

App install

Everyday lifestyle Kintegra gives you higher quality by:

Target audience with precision

Effective marketing techniques used that enables the retaining, cross selling and upsell of an existing target audience

Analyze human behavioral pattern

Human behavioral patterns can easily be monitored, and an analysis can be easily drawn from that

Campaign optimization

Powerful marketing strategy that will enable the brand to be well received

Track A/B testing variances

A/B testing differences can be monitored