Kintegra sales Partnership Program

Influence your clients with leading AI technology

For Kintegra, creating value partnerships is first and foremost task done by relating to customers in a transparent manner and, once the relationship has commenced, involving them in achieving long lasting performance through mutual growth. With our methodology of creating buzz online we can conveniently address the needs of your clients. Kintegra Partnership Program combines your experience and expertise with our industry-leading artificial intelligence marketing platform to drive new opportunities.

Kintegra Partner program scales up your site inspections through focused lead generation activity. With specialisation in AI infused marketing programs the objectives of hyper-personalization, maximizing advertising budget, analysing customer data and predicting customer behaviour are effortlessly achievable.

The targeted and outlined approach for prospective powered by a smooth AI tech helps in accomplishing better results.For more details on the benefits associated with partnering with Kintegra reach us at [email protected]

Kintegra Partner program provides a wide range of benefits including:


Revenue Generation through space selling in various categories and achievement of Sales revenue as per AOP, Identifying new business opportunities from the untapped market sections; further developing the new market in given segment.


Increasing the volume market share through planned individual account support


Excellent networking with advertisers, ad agencies (media planners and buyers) and Interactive marketing agencies


Formulation of new ideas and opportunities for direct sales to major accounts by innovative advertising schemes