Must Have Tools for Internet Marketers

Powerful online market research and analytic tools you can start using right now.

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Email Verifier

The email verifier tool can be used to validate or verify email ids, thus ensuring that any email that you send out will be delivered, rather than bouncing back. The tool brings the import section, under which you can now verify bulk emails too.

Facebook Lead Finder

This powerful software will help you to mine through the Facebook data and fetch best possible leads for your business. Your search will be just based out of your keywords and the demography you want leads from. You will have access to the relevant companies in that area along with address, contact number, website and email address. This software gives a competitive edge to your business.

Facebook Pages Finder

Pages finder enables you to retrieve Facebook pages data by providing any keyword provide by
you. This tool provides up to 500 Facebook pages data by providing any keyword. The data it
provides includes, Page Title, Total Likes, Number of people talking about it, and whether the page is
verified or not