What is Kintegra?
Kintegra is a digital platform that unifies digital marketing tasks to a single point of execution using in-built artificial intelligence. Kintegra reaches out to the right audience with the right message at the right time, enhances engagements and conversions, monitors optimization through various platforms on a continuous basis, provides advanced analysis and higher quality installs through Artificial Intelligence equipped with unique features.
What services are offered with Kintegra?
At Kintegra, we offer digital marketing services which includes SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, lead generation and much more.
Which social media platforms are supported by Kintegra?
At present we support Google, Facebook, Instagram, Taboola and Colombia ad network.
Does Kintegra focus on any specific area of the digital marketing journey?
Kintegra covers the maximum portion of a customer journey on the path of digital marketing including Lead gneration, enhancing engagement, web-site traffic, video view, conversions and customer loyalty.
What does Kintegra optimize?
"Everything from cross-platform
ad optimization, advanced budget optimization
real-time performance tracking
and analysis
extensive remarketing capabilities to separate audience on the basis of interests, locations, engagement with the brands, browsers, and so on."
Does Kintegra execute campaigns, or just make recommendations and analyze results?
Kintegra analysis the campaigns created by you on different social media platforms and manages them 24*7 through vast campaign variables customized for each campaign.
Is there a minimum campaign duration for Kintegra?
As Kintegra is designed for a continuous evolution and enhanced performance, there is no minimum campaign duration.
Languages supported by Kintegra?
Kintegra currently supports English language only.
Does Kintegra focus on paid or organic campaigns?
Kintegra is primarily a paid media solution. Email is the only non-paid component.
What doesn’t Kintegra do?
Kintegra does not create campaigns or define your strategy or develop creatives. The goal, scope directions have to be suggested by you as a marketing practioner. The creatives & campaigns once produced are optimized by Kintegra on the basis of data-centric information.
What kind of data does Kintegra collect or track?
Kintegra collect information as listed below solely for the purpose of running marketing campaigns effectively. These pieces of information collected are non-personal and cannot identify individual users.
  • Data collected by mapping user's online journey- The user who engages with the campaign/ ad can be anonymously tracked using a Pixel code. This piece of code is embedded on the website, landing pages or any other web-based property the customer wants the user to engage with. The information so collected are the following:

    • Device Details- Operating System, Browser used etc

    • IP Address

    • Landing Page URL

    • Time and Date of engagement

    • Referral URL

    • Such data collection is secured by Kintegra and data collected using the pixel code traverse from client to kintegra system in secure encrypted protocol

  • Third Party Data- We may ask the client for any third party data or information that can help us in precise targeting. Although the client may or may not choose to share such information. The data such shared will be used only for the benefit of the client's business and will not be shared with any outside party or any other client. Examples of such information:

    • User ID's

    • Device ID's

    • Email ID

    • Mobile Number

How kintegra use the data collected?
Kintegra use the data collected for the following given purposes:
  • The data collected by Kintegra is used for constructive targeting. This data-driven advertising helps the clients to reach the right set of audience and show them relevant content for highly effective marketing.

  • Advanced targeting and retargeting services

  • Study and analyze data to measure the service performance

  • Provide campaign report and enhance our services

Does Kintegra share data ?
Kintegra's advanced data-driven advertising is designed to do precise targeting with the objective of showing relevant content to the user and to avoid spamming. The data so collected is used solely for the purpose described above and is not shared with any third party.
How about Kintegra’s Data Security Policy?
Kintegra ensures data so collected will not be used for any other purposes apart from the objectives mentioned above. The client can anytime have right to request the following:
  • Access the data we have collected in the past with respect to your specific company. We may not be able to identify or locate the complete data ( except for the third party/ personal data) related to you

  • You may request deletion or restriction of the data access to the third party data/ personal data

  • You may request the withdrawal of your consent with respect to the third party data usage

How Targeting and Retargeting Works?
Ad targeting is based on the interest and behavior of the user. The data-driven advertising is used to identify the users who have shown interest in the content relevant to certain product/service. Such user segmentations are created and are served with a relevant advertisement that matches to their interests. This marketing practice helps in increasing the ad score and increases user engagement
For retargeting purposes, a pixel code is used to identify the users who have engaged with your ad, website, landing page or any other online property. The information collected by the pixel is therefore used to show the ad related to the specific or related product.
What is Cross-Channel Ad Optimization?
Kintegra is an advanced marketing tool that helps you to do cross-platform advertisement. The data collected with the help of the pixel has the capability to map the user coming from one channel to a parallel channel and show a more impactful ad.