Cross-channel Marketing Automation to Make Digital Marketing Simple, Efficient & Autonomous

Automate & Scale Digital Marketing through Artificial Intelligence.

Features that make Kintegra the Right Automation Tool for Your Marketing

Cross Channel Optimization

AI-backed optimization for all popular digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Taboola & other networks. Easy, single rule setup for multiple channels.

Predictive Budget Optimization

Campaigns constantly monitored by AI for pre-defined rules & automatic allocation of budgets to best performing campaigns.

Integrated Analytics & CRM

Single, unified dashboard for all your analytics metrics & integrate easily with any custom CRM.

Improved Efficiency

Easily scale campaigns & increase ROI across channels without adding manpower.

Live Push Notifications

Get timely push notifications on performance of your campaigns. Set notifications for all channels, accounts or ad-sets

Easy Setup & Unlimited Support

No download or installation required, login from mobile or desktop & get unlimited support from digital marketing experts.

Dedicated Automations for Your Digital Marketing Goals


Find & engage with the right audience for your content at lowest possible cost.

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Persuade target audience through smart, cross-channel retargeting. Less annoyance for your audience & more results.

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Lead Generation

Generate quality leads that are easier to convert for any business at lower costs.

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App Install

Get high-quality app installs that engage with your app. Reduce your uninstall rate by 30%.

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Kintegra Conversion

Get direct conversions for your business through best performing

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Kintegra Analytics

All-in-one Analytics dashboard to track metrics across channels

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How Kintegra does it?

Kintegra is a marketing automation tool built for marketers, by marketers. Our seasoned digital marketing experts have poured in hours of digital marketing know-how, feedback and optimization strategies into building the tool so that your campaigns are running at optimal performance, all the time.

At the heart of Kintegra is an artificial intelligence backed bot that is self-learning and always monitoring performance of your campaigns. Through advanced budget optimization and predictive allocation, Kintegra ensures you spend less and get more returns across digital marketing channels.

Brands & Agencies rely on Kintegra

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Our Testimonials

Website traffic and rankings have improved after started content marketing. We have 50K+ email ids collected in 15 days which are now part of drip.


@Kintegra scaled our traffic 10x, easy to set up campaigns/view metrics. Overall great tool designed for marketers who aren’t techies

Helloclass TeamHelloclass

Thank you @Kintegra for helping Qtrove to start and scale content marketing. Impressed with the support and indeed, a great team.

Shashwat SwaroopQtrove