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Single Window to Monitor, Analyze & Optimize your Digital Growth.

Here is Kintegra in a nutshell

Get cross-channel account management in a single platform!

Opens up a single platform where you can add and manage multiple advertisers. Moreover, you can link cross-channel ad accounts and group them under one business entity. We support Facebook ads, Google ads, and Google Analytics right now.

  • Link multiple Facebook account, Google Ads account and Google Analytics account
  • Link multiple Facebook ad accounts, Google Ads ad accounts & Google Analytics accounts
  • Ad Account level insights for monitoring and reporting


Get off to a running start with an intuitive cross-channel dashboard!

In case you’re thinking you need separate online marketing dashboards for each of your digital campaign running on different platform … think again! With Kintegra, you can fetch important campaign data in the form of a simple dashboard. You can also customize the dashboards the way you want by any combination of digital marketing metrics with powerful filters.

  • Two powerful real-time dashboards to view spend across channels and campaigns
  • View key performance metrics by grouping different ad-accounts based on business/region/zone/geo
  • Comes with pre-set data filters for quick analysis
  • Understand overall marketing specific spend, result for any given periods

Get Campaign insights with GA metrics to drive business growth!

Create, edit and monitor campaigns from one single place. After you create your campaign, make quick changes to campaigns by editing your ads easily. With cross-channel attribution, you can modify campaigns based on performance to optimize your marketing spends. You will also able to review the campaign performance metrics in detail.

  • Campaign analysis based on ad-accounts
  • Campaign analysis along with GA metrics
  • GA metrics based on multiple campaign monitoring
  • Cross-channel campaign monitoring based on your marketing spend
  • Discover all cross-channel ad assets like campaigns, ad sets, ads in just a click


Optimize campaigns through autopilot with predefined rules!

Have a target CPC that you can’t breach and need to pause when you hit it? Want to increase budget after you have tested if you can hit a specific CTR range? With Kintegra you can do all these actions automatically to focus your time more on strategy. So, drive better campaign performance through auto-pilot by setting predefined rules.

  • Rule engine powered actions
  • Predictive budget optimization (PBA)
  • Optimize your campaigns with 400+ cross-channel metrics along with GA metrics

Get insights that drive smarter marketing decisions!

Replace your manual spreadsheet with automated marketing reports in minutes to get deeper insights when things happen. With Kintegra you will get deeper cross-channel insights to drive improved marketing campaign performance, conversion rates, and revenue.

  • Gain more visibility into cross-channel analytics
  • Template driven cross-channel reporting
  • One-time scheduling for group reports
  • Hassle free report sharing with clients


Competency that Contrast and makes Kintegra Unique

Kintegra, it’s the definition of cross-channel digital automation platform carefully crafted from the ground up. We’ve designed focusing on your most valuable KPI’s to drive better campaign in an autopilot mode by machine learning. With Kintegra, you just got covered our AI-driven features for the better ROAS within and off the digital.


Smart one-click PBA

Focus on the better performing Ad campaigns and pause the non-performing campaigns automatically.

Smart one-click actions

Focus on bulk actions by grouping your campaigns/ad accounts across channels to get the real impact of your campaigns.

Let’s get you started on the path to business growth nirvana