How can Agencies benefit from Kintegra

Dear Agencies, Kintegra is here to fulfill all your marketing desires effectively and efficiently!

Provide your clients with a unified platform that performs all valuable marketing tasks and analysis from initiation to execution and further analysis. Strategic investment decisions along with access to meaningful, aggregated campaign insights and recommendations enabling quicker and smarter execution from a single point.

A transparent pricing model with no mark up to invite agencies of all kinds to offer smarter services and value based pricing model to clients

Kintegra Creative Agencies

  • Intense creative researches carried out to deliver unique personalized customer experiences.
  • Reinforce your existing portfolio of services
  • Utilize an innovative, AI-based, cross-channel approach

Kintegra for Media Buying Agencies

  • Provide a realisic and smart marketing services to your clients
  • Optimize campaigns not only at app install level but at event levels as well
  • Boost customer acquisition by doing cross-channel promotion
  • CRM integration for efficient follow-ups

Kintegra for Performance Agencies

  • Access to extensive audience across media platforms
  • Interest and behaviour based targeting
  • Track changes in the a/b testing process and monitor what is working and what is not

Let’s get you started on the path to business growth nirvana