Go beyond the metrics that really matter

Unleash the potential of insights with a fine-tune dashboard to get a lift that drives growth

Executive Dashboard

Stop rushing through hundreds of obscure reports to spot the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in multiple channels. Get your cross-channel campaigns overview just in a single click to monitor your campaign traffic in an ad account level. With Kintegra, you will get a live dashboard with campaign numbers that are refreshed automatically. The refresh cycles can be customized by choosing a time interval of your choice between 1 minute and 30 minutes.

Goal-based Dashboard

Dive deeper with kintegra's GA metrics integrated dashboard to get full visibility into the insights based on your marketing goals. With Kintegra your campaigns will get categorized based on the campaign objectives. Categorize your campaigns with your campaign objective to better organise, optimise and measure the performance of your adverts. If it is unclear, or hard to track your respective goal of a campaign Kintegra will put your campaign under uncategorized goal list, whenever you want to categorize you can move your campaigns to the respective goal category at any time.

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