Bring Your Entire Marketing accounts into one Platform

Bring together to scale automated marketing campaigns across channels

Account Integration

En route your cross-channel marketing for a transaction that matters to your business. Align your cross-channel marketing accounts into a single end to keep everything cohesive for your marketing growth. Keep an eye on the needle with Kintegra’s cross-channel platform. With Kintegra you will gain the power and flexibility you needed through the unlimited cross-channel accounts linking. Link your multiple marketing accounts into Kintegra's cross-channel platform to monitor and measure insights under one business entity.

Account Clustering

Move beyond with just a simple click to group cross-channel Ad accounts of your choice based on industry, geography, business etc. Kintegra offers everything you have ever wanted to automate your marketing in one platform. With Kintegra you will get a complete view under one Kintegra business account. It gives you more flexibility to sort accounts for a more efficient, effective, and lucrative marketing. With our cross-channel platform, Kintegra ensures your marketing journey is smooth.

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