Take deep dive campaign insights to rattle off your efforts

Get the key insights about your campaigns to gain a competitive advantage to grow your business.

Campaign Dashboard

Bring better results by monitoring all your campaign metrics in a single view. Edit and monitor your campaigns from one single place for better decision-making and for more marketing opportunities. With Kintegra you will get a more refined access over your marketing campaigns. You can also make quick changes to your cross-channel campaigns by easily editing your ad sets. Kintegra allows a complete visibility on your campaign performance metrics to the last detail.

Group Campaigning

Get away from the tedious multi-tasking of campaign runs. Learn more about your campaigns to optimize and increase campaigns performance and ROI with Kintegra. Kintegra offers the opportunity to perform bulk actions by grouping your marketing campaigns/ad accounts across channels. Get real-time feedback of your campaigns with Kintegra to know how numbers in your group campaigns stacked up on an hourly basis. Analyze your campaign performance with greater details.

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