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Predictive Budget Allocation

AI-based pure play budget allocation process in driving maximum revenue results without exceeding your budget. Accurate forecasting is critical for goal-based budget allocation to ensure that the budget is always being spent optimally. And PBA is fueled by exceeding the budget of online marketing efforts. With Kintegra’s PBA you will get smarter and more effective budget planning.

Kintegra's Predictive Budget Allocation is a machine learning way of managing the budget of one or more campaigns in an autopilot mode. If you’re enabling PBA for a campaign, Kintegra will automatically start re-allocating the budget provided by the user, based on the past-performance data of the respective campaign and its existing goal. PBA is neither limited to a single campaign nor to a single platform. It can be applied to a group of campaigns running across various channels.

Set Rules With No Limits!

Sometimes marketing can be a herculean task and an effective marketing requires a lot of commitment, time, and concentration. Automate your ad campaigns using start, pause, set / increase/decrease budget and bid auctions through autopilot. With Kintegra you will get a full spectrum of insights to monitor, custom conversions, ROAS, time metrics and more to improve your efficiency.

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