Be more data-driven and actionable than ever before

Create, schedule and share reports in minutes to make faster decisions with more insight.

Reports & analytics

Dive deeper into your data to boost your performance based on real-time data that your team can make use. With kintegra, you will get a cross-channel real-time report with GA metrics. So, no more hours wasting on data preparation tasks. You can easily create reports based on Ad account level, Ad set level and campaign level with Kintegra. Either you can view reports directly from the dashboard or you can download as PDF or Excel report.

Schedule & share Reports

Uncover meaningful insights to stay up-to-date with your metrics to drive your business forward. With Kintegra schedule and share reports with your team to get key insights for an agile marketing process based on Ad account level, Ad set level and campaign level. Also, you can able to automate to send out your reports daily to weekly or at any time of your choice as your schedule as PDF or Excel report.

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